The Pros And The Cons To Having A Professional Bleach Your Hair

Have you ever felt stuck with your hair colour? We are here to tell you there is another option available- bleach. There are a variety of hair colours available through the method of bleaching depending on YOUR wishes. However, before you try to DIY bleach your hair at home, read our blog to find out the pros and cons of professionally bleaching your hair.

What is bleach?

Essentially, applying bleach to the hair is a chemical process that strips colour from hair, whether that be natural or coloured. As well as the ability to lessen dark tones from the hair, it can also remove colour entirely, presenting a white/platinum look. However, this requires the product to be on the head for a long time depending on the original state.


Best way to get lighter hair

No matter the shade your hair currently is, bleach is the best route to lightening hair. This is true for both natural hair and dyed hair. Tint cannot lift tint, therefore, bleach is especially essential for those who have previously coloured their locks. Depending on your original colour and the intended result, this information will indicate how long the bleach will be left on. The results are instantaneous as soon as the bleach is washed out. Some enjoy the original colour created by bleach, but some want a toner (a product that neutralises brass yellow and orange tones) added to achieve the final look.

Quicker results

Some people like to gradually remove colour by growing the colour out or by naturally stripping it. However, this can be a LONG process depending on the length and growth rate of your hair. The answer to your problem is bleach. As mentioned above, the product provides results in a matter of hours!

Best transition colour

If you are going to opposite ends of the colour wheel, bleach is your best bet at getting you there. If you were to transition through other methods such as dye or waiting for the colour to grow out, the final colour may not be what you envisioned. For example, if you wish for a vibrant red you cannot simply apply colour to your hair and expect it to be bright. You will need to apply bleach to strip the colour and make the strands more susceptible to grabbing the dye.

It’s not only used to go blonde

The best thing about bleach is that it isn't only used to go blonde, you can bleach your hair to achieve pretty much any shade. If you wish to add pink, purple, blue, green, rainbow etc you will require bleach, no other method will allow you. As well as if you wanted more tonal variation to your locks, you can have highlights or lowlights added to avoid a block colour as this can lack dimension and shine.


The one and only con, damage to your hair

Wait, wait, wait. This does not mean your hair will automatically be dry, damaged and falling out. Yes, you will notice a difference between bleached and natural hair, but it is before, during and after application which dictates the health of your hair, as well as the products used during the process.

Here at Jerry Bell, we can use a product called FIBREPLEX which has been created by Schwarzkopf that protects hair during the lightening, lifting and colouring process. We have previously written a full product review, take a read to know the ins and outs of this revolutionary product.

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