Tips & Tricks To Hide Thinning Hair

We all wish for thick, healthy and luscious hair, but for many men and women, this is not the case. There are multiple reasons as to why your hair may be on the thin side, ranging from genetics, incorrect products and stress. If you are looking to try and mask the appearance of thinning hair, keep reading.


Short hair


The shorter your hair, the easier it is to make the appearance of thicker hair. Additionally, add some longer layers in order to create more texture and dimension to the hair. When having your hair cut, ask for layers to frame the face and leave the back mostly untouched, this makes the appearance of more voluminous hair, therefore thicker.


Embrace grey hair


Did you know grey hair is thicker than a coloured strand of hair? Yes, due to the coarse nature of grey hair it means your hair will start to feel and look thicker than previously. If you cannot embrace the greys, try to leave longer between appointments as this allows your hair to be as healthy as possible.


Add volume


The illusion of volume is extremely effective. All you need is a hairdryer and a round brush in order to add the look of body. If you want a blow dry that will last until your next hair wash, visit either of our salon’s where you can have your hair styled into voluminous locks. Remember to set the hair with your favourite hairspray!


Added help


Why not make use of hair extensions to add more strands to the hair, ensuring a ‘thicker’ look and feel to the hair. Extensions can easily be disguised within your natural head if proper colour matching and technique is completed.


Use the right products


Always look for products that are alcohol and sulphate free, these are extremely harsh on strands and often contributes to thinning. Try to use a shampoo that adds volume as it tackles the limpness of natural hair by puffing up the strands to mimic hair body. You can additionally use a volumising mousse or even dry shampoo! Both will allow more texture appear thicker. For thin patches or balding, there are products that conceal this by adding colour (same as your hair colour, therefore make sure to match correctly) that then disguises the look of any scalp.


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