How To Learn To Love Your Hair Type: Fine, Frizzy, Oily

We all experience bad hair days here and there, but do not be discouraged and start to dislike your natural hair type. With you in mind, we have collated our favourite hair tips for fine, frizzy and oily hair to help turn the dislike into love!




Brush your hair


Although this may be the opposite of what you expect, brushing your hair promotes oxygen productions which gives more body to the hair. This creates the illusion of more hair on your head. However, do not use any old brush in your bedside draw. Your utensils are just as important as any other hair product, therefore ensure the ideal brush is used. For example, a bristle brush made with natural boar bristles or flexible nylon is best suitable for your hair when on the thinner side. This type of brush is better at gliding through the locks without breaking strands. It is this breakage and pulling of hair that mostly causes thinning, therefore preventing this as much is ideal.


Change your parting


When having your hair with the same parting for long periods of time means your hair becomes flatter and more used to being in one position. By switching your parting your hair will be more voluminous, making it appear that you have more hair. We recommend to slightly blowdry into position then seal with hairspray. Our favourite is Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Session Label Super Dry Fix - Strong Hold Hairspray.


Stop/reduce applying heat


Heat will cause the hair to become dry and break, therefore causing finer hair. Try to reduce or even stop applying heat to your hair and allow it to recover from years of heat abuse. By removing the amount of heat, your locks can start to produce and maintain high levels of moisture, making it less thin.




Implement hair masks/hair treatment into your hair care routine


By adding a deep conditioner, mask or treatment to your hair regularly you will be able to give it the moisture it craves, in turn becoming less frizzy in the process. We love to recommend the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends for an at-home treatment, but as an intense method of hair care, we offer treatments at our salons for Dry, Chemically Treatment or Damaged hair etc from only £19.50!


Choose the best products for you


Make sure you are choosing products that are intended to add and lock in moisture, these will most benefit your hair. Some products will remove natural oils, therefore you will want to avoid this as they may make your frizz even worse.


Be prepared… always


Frizzy hair can strike at any time of the day, therefore always carry something with you that you can use to calm the frizz. Why not carry a bottle of anti-frizz serum in your handbag, our favourite is Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Magic Anti Frizz Shine Hair Serum!




Stop washing your hair as often


This may sound a bit crazy, but trust us it works. Your hair is producing more oil become it lacks the amount of moisture it needs. If you allow your hair to be unwashed for as many days as possible on a regular basis, you will see that after a while your hair will start to become less oily. Persevere with the grease and you will reap the benefits!


Do not touch your hair


Your hands often carry a lot of grease, grime and dirt. If constantly touching your hair, your scalp will become greasier and greasier. One of the best ways to stop yourself from regularly touching your hair is to tie or clip it away from your face, therefore are less likely to need to touch it.


Dry shampoo is your friend


Now you are on a mission to wash your hair less, dry shampoo will become your best friend. It will take the edge off the amount of oil on your scalp and allow you a few more days between washes. If you are on a budget, use baby powder! It does the same as branded dry shampoo, without the higher price tag.


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