Balayage: The Most Popular Hair Trend of 2018 So Far?

What is it?

‘Balayage’ is a French term which means to sweep or to paint. The hair colouring technique includes freehand strokes which give a natural, blended look without the look of harsh roots. Roots are often the most hated part for anyone who dyes their hair lighter than their natural hair colour. Balayage subtly swerves such a problem.


Chrissy Teigen Instagram Balayage
Image from Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram


How is it done?

The bleach is painted onto the surface of the hair, only saturating the hair when near the end. This process allows for a seamless blend of colour. It is labelled as freehand as foil are needed to create the highlights. The colour and process are bespoke to YOU, meaning you can have as much or as little as you want.


Khloe Kardashian Instagram Balayage
Image from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram


How long is the process?

Balayage has different levels of depth depending on how much blonde/lighter pieces are desired. If only a few strands are having the technique it can take a few minutes, whereas a whole head could take around 2-3 hours. Although the process may be slightly longer than traditional full-head highlights, the treatment will not need to be as often. Balayage requires a lot less maintenance than traditional hair dye treatments, meaning you can leave it up to 4 months without a top up.


Desi Perkins Instagram Balayage

Image from Desi Perkin’s Instagram


What hair types/lengths are suitable?

The beauty of balayage is that it suits everyone regardless of hair colour, texture or length! The bespoke process means anyone can have balayage. Balayage works on grey hair but only to disguise rather than colour.


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