5 Things To Know Before Visiting The Hairdressers

Although hair grows back and hair colour can be changed it is important to carefully consider your options before taking the plunge. There are many factors to think about before calling and making an appointment. We want all of our clients to LOVE their hair, therefore preparation is key. Because of this, we have written this blog to help with your journey to fabulous hair.


Know your face shape and hair texture


Your face will determine which hairstyles are best for you. There is nothing worse than deciding on a style, having it cut then realising it does not suit you… at all. Therefore, always research the best styles for your face shape, therefore you can be better informed on what will most likely look best. Your hair texture will also determine what is best for you. For example, if you have extremely frizzy hair a pixie cut may not be ideal.


Think about your lifestyle


Your lifestyle will also indicate what is most ideal. For example, if you require to get out the door quickly and want minimal styling time a fringe would not be a clever choice. Same way if you like to tie your hair into a ponytail, a bob is not best suited. Your hair can be a big commitment, do not uptake promises you cannot keep!


Consider if the extreme-do is the best decision


You may be bored with your locks, but extreme changes can often be regretted if not properly considered. Ask yourself, is this the ideal decision? Will I regret this? Will the style suit me? Does it suit my lifestyle? Is this too different from my normal colour and cut? If you can confidently answer these questions then go for it! If not, it may be time to have an inner discussion.


Think about your hair history + be truthful


Before attending the hairdressers you will need to recall your hair history and prepare to be completely honest when asked by the stylist. Your history will indicate what methods the stylist will need to undertake, if the cut and colour you’re asking for is the correct route to go and how to make your dreams become a reality.


Finally, book in for a consultation


The best way to know what cut and colour are suited to you is to book a consultation. Speak to the professionals, get their advice on what they think is ideal for you. They have the experience and knowledge to inform you on what they would recommend in order for you to have the best outcome. Here at Jerry Bell, we have a large team of experts at both our Leigh-on-Sea and Thorpe bay branch- you are sure to have the best experience possible at our salons.


For more information or to book an appointment with Jerry Bell please contact us on either our Thorpe Bay number 01702 588404 or on our Leigh on Sea number 01702 478636