Best Top Tips For Washing Your Hair

You may be thinking, ‘I have been washing my hair my entire life, I think I know what I am doing’... you may be wrong. Our hair is a delicate part of our body, we need to look after it to ensure it remains healthy. Regardless if you have completely natural hair, occasionally colour it or are a heavy bleacher, you should follow these next top tips when washing your hair.


Use lukewarm or cool water to wash


Similarly to how heated styling tools damage your locks, so can hot water. Try to use a low-temperature water when washing your hair to avoid stripping it of its natural oils that protect your strands. The dehydration causes split ends, something we all want to avoid.


Dilute your shampoo


The process of shampoo washing our hair means the strands are stripped of their natural oils whilst removing the dirt build up. Due to being a direct application of shampoo, the likelihood of dehydration is likely. It is advised to dilute your shampoo in some water so that your hair is still washed, but will not be as harsh.


Gently massage, do not scrub


Although our hair is durable and takes a lot in the day to day runnings of our life, it is extremely delicate when wet. In order to wash our hair, we need to first wet it, therefore when applying shampoo or conditioner ensure you are not being too rough. Try to be as gentle as possible so that no tangles, knotting or split strands occur.


Only use conditioner from the middle to the ends


To avoid greasy hair, only use conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair. The scalp appears greasy as there becomes a product build up within the hair, therefore collects oil, dirt and grime. Apply the conditioner on the ends and leave it on for approximately two minutes in order to get super soft and silky locks.


Try not to wash your hair every day


We have previously spoken about how often you should wash your hair, the main rule is the same- try not to wash your hair every day. As previously mentioned, shampoo strips oil and hot water dehydrates hair, therefore, try to leave hair washes as long as possible in order to keep locks healthy.


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