5 Ways To Stop Static Hair… For Good!

There is a range of reasons why your hair may be experiencing an electric shock look. From humidity, damaged hair or natural hair types- static hair can affect anyone. Because of this, we have collated 5 ways you can stop static hair… for good!


Use a metal comb rather than plastic


Metal is more conductive than plastic, meaning the static electricity build up on the hair will discharge leaving less static flyaway hairs. If you have static hair and are using a plastic comb, it is time to replace it. If you prefer to use a brush, there are anti-frizz brushes available on the high street that will help your battle with your locks.


Hairspray is your best friend


A little trick we know is to spray your hairbrush or comb with some hairspray, then brush through the hair to produce a smooth look. Our favourite hairspray to use is the Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Session Label Super Dry Fix - Strong Hold Hairspray. It is a holy grail product here at Jerry Bell, we highly recommend it. You can also touch up and reduce frizz by repeating this step whenever needed throughout the day.


Water is the oldest trick in the book


Need to de-frizz fast? Water is your friend. Although the oldest trick in the book, it is still very effective at calming the fuzzy locks and bring you back to smoothness. If available, use a little bit of wax or pomade to tame the hair. Simply rub in your hands till warm and distribute over the frizzed hair, be careful not to put too much product on the hair as this will make it chunky- we are guessing not the desired look.


Dry your hair with a t-shirt


Due to the abrasive nature of a towel, the process of removing excess water can be tough on hair strands. Rather, use a t-shirt as this is less vigorous on the hand meaning static hair is less likely to occur. It is moisture that contributes to the amount of static energy within the hair, with a t-shirt allowing more moisture to remain in the hair it means it would be best practice to replace the hair towel with an old t-shirt.


Use a deep conditioner


As mentioned above, moisture directly affects the amount of frizz hair has. With a deep conditioner providing additional moisture that is lacking from the natural hair, the likelihood of static hair decreases. We love to use Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends on our clients who require a deep moisturising conditioner to bring the hair back to a healthy state.


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